The district is conducting surveys as a part of the district/campus planning process. These surveys will allow us to gather data that will be used to complete district/campus needs assessment. After that process is completed, the information derived from the needs assessment process will be used to develop the district/campus plan. Survey data will be collected from parents, community members, students and staff members.


  • 2020-2021 Student Handbook

  •  Code of Conduct

  • Dates PSAT/NMSQT and any college advanced placement test will be administered and provide instructions for participation by home-schooled pupil (Education Code, §29.916(c), House Bill 1844, 80th Legislature, Regular Session)

  • College Credit Programs (Education Code, §28.01 (b)) Availability of college credit courses

  • Physical Activity Policies (Education Code, §28.004(k)) Physical activity policy by campus level, health advisory council information, notification to parents that child’s physical fitness assessment results available on request, vending machine and food service guidelines, and penalties for tobacco product use.

  • Transition and Employment Guide for Special Education Students (Education Code, §29.0112) Districts are to post the employment and transition guide developed by TEA in collaboration with HHS.